La foto di famiglia

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  • celiagarrett

    I have loved Shaun and his sheep friends.  The pigs, not so much.  I miss not seeing the series on TV and I'm glad to have found this website!

  • shaunleen

    yeah mee too :)

  • محمد


  • hank zippser

    haha very funny

  • New_Yoker

    it's so great

  • WeirdoMadness

    I think tis vid is actually a bit sad. I mean after all that work they did trying to get that money... and then none of the photos are what they want.

  • NinjaShaun

    Bitzer is so cute! I love the part when he uses Shaun as a puppet! Haha!

  • Lloyd1931


  • Shaunaaa

    Shaun and flock: I love y'all!

  • Shaun's here

    Love you too Shaunaaa!