Welly Wanger

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Help the Naughty Pigs throw their welly as far as possible, using objects along the way for a boost!

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  • stpaulchuck

    now it won't detect that I'm logged in....?? what the heck?

  • NrdGrl314

    If it doesn't detect that you're logged in, how did you comment?

  • Shaunleigh

    by logging back in.:P

  • rohan

    It is easy.Just sign up and comment.

  • ShawnTheSheepFan2016

    well he was mostly talking about a glitch/bug in the game. 

  • LifeLiXIII

    None of the games seem to be loading for me. Like, on the page, bam, no game. I'm using Firefox, if that helps. Is there some plugin that I need to have enabled or something? (sorry if this is a double post, not sure if it sent the first time)

  • happy sheep

    yeah, that happens sometimes. But where I'm staying temporarily, the network is like super great, and there are no problems for me. So I'd check the wifi if I were u.

  • Shaun Legend

    it hasn't happened to me so i don't know what seems to be wrong

  • stpaulchuck

    the game never loaded.... what the heck?

  • f8f8qh

    a little boring